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Sunday, July 20, 2014

STEM Ed 2014 - The 3rd International Conference on STEM in Education.

STEM in Education is a bi-annual conference meant to provide a chance for educators and researchers from a variety of institutions and industries “to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives that may advance STEM education” (University of British Columbia, 2014).  The 2014 conference was held at UBC with the focus of STEM Education and Our Planet - Making Connections Across Contexts.  I attended 4 days of keynote speeches, paper presentations, symposia, and workshops, and went to a variety of sessions, although I did choose ones that seemed applicable to my practice, or at least interesting.  Following STEM was the PME (Psychology of Math Education) conference.  I would have loved to attend that one as well, but it was quite expensive.  Luckily, I have classmates attending, and have been getting the low-down on some of what they’ve been learning.
Most of the EDCP 509A group at our first lunch time discussion.

Overall I found the STEM Ed conference to be really interesting, but a LOT of information to take in.  I really enjoyed having classmates also attending as we were able to discuss and share during breaks.  There were definite themes within the conference, some expected (such as sustainability) and some less so (such as the huge focus on pre-service teachers).  

The following set of posts will outline what I learned at the conference, as well as questions and thoughts that have come up during discussions.

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