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Grade 4's Write and Say the Funniest Things

My students often write and say things that make me smile.  Here is a selection to brighten your day.

What Irate Looks Like

A Brave Girl 
Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in an amazing beautiful small village.  She was not rich, but she was brave and pretty.  Her name was "Rose". People who lived in the amazing village all loved her.  One day a three boys came to the Rose's house to marry her.  She said "I want all three of you to go to the lawn and get 100 flowers each.  When you do that I'll marry you". The three boys were gasped to hear that.  One of the boy didn't even pick 1 flower and went back to his house.  But 2 of the boys tried to collect as many flowers as they could.  Finally they collected 100 of flowers each.  They went back to the Rose's house.  When she saw the flowers, she said "you two are my true love.  You both can marry me".  And she did.  The two boys and the princess lived happily ever after.

Spelling Sentences of Hillarity
When I write normal sentence teacher always say 'more details'.

 I ate too much candy so I have a stomach egg. I had a stomach yesterday.

I carried a ripped person who drink so many liquor spirits.

I like to be surrounded by admirers.

God lives in the clouds and gives us power.

My spelling is outrageous!

"This is so outrageous!" I said looking at (my twin sister)'s homework.

Terry Fox is a brave person, but almost everybody else are coward.

Oh, the Things These Kids Say!'

"Ms. Ferguson, am I finished?" "Your moose is green." "No, he's a caribou." "But he's still GREEN." Said caribou now just looks a little sick with his green under-colouring.

During Health class one of the boys told the class that "during puberty, when a boy thinks 'eww' thoughts his thing gets really big".

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