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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That wasn't so bad

I just got off the longest of my two flights to Dalian, and am sitting in my nice little hotel room in Narita, Japan.  I am very excited that it has a bathtub, as it's the last one I'm going to see for a while.  The flight was relatively smooth, and went by fairly fast, I guess a couple of movies and some sleep will do that.   I did repack my bags multiple times at the airport...the lady at the check-in counter swore it was possible to distribute the weight so I only had to pay for one over-weight bag.  Turns out the $10 luggage scale I had bought wasn't that helpful.
 Just before we took off I had a moment of excitement when I thought that the only empty seat was going to be next to me...I had even moved over to the window seat, but then a lady arrived to claim it.   It's 4pm here on Aug. 23rd, but midnight on the 22nd back home, so my body is a little confused.  I'm going for dinner soon with some teachers from the high school who were on my flight, and then it will be time for a bath and early bed.  There is a Western style breakfast buffet tomorrow morning, and then I'll be flying in to Dalian, to arrive sometime in the early afternoon.  I'm not looking forward to arriving to a chaotic apartment, even though I'm fully aware that I left it that way and could have unpacked/organized more before I left in June.  Oh well.  I will be checking in with the real estate agent before I bring my bags up...I have a couple of questions for her, that could wait, except I can't remember if my apartment is on floor 16 or 19...Oops
It does seem a bit surreal to be sitting here.  The summer went by really fast.  I find myself looking forward to having a classroom (but oh, the amount of work to be done!) while simultaneously not wanting to leave Vancouver.  The prospect of having my own classroom is equal parts exciting, fulfilling, daunting and terrifying.   Why oh why did the B.Ed program not prepare us at all for starting up a classroom!?  And that is why I want to do a Masters in program design.  I definitely have lots of ideas, but wonder at my ability to implement them when there will be a zillion things to do.  I am thankful that I get to work it all out on a class that won't have 30 students in it (current enrollment is 17), and in a school where I know the people, routines and challenges.

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