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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas in China

Christmas Tree in Parkland Shopping Mall
Unlike at home, the Christmas season has only just begun here. I'm not yet sick of hearing carols, and WalMart isn't open 24 hours a day. It's really nice. I haven't yet decorated my apartment...still undecided if I'm going to. There was lots of baking to be done - about 15 women attended our bake exchange. At 6 cookies each, that meant I needed to make 84 cookies. However, I now have 13 bags of a half dozen of a good variety of baking that needs to be frozen so I don't eat it all by the end of December.
Not only did I need to bake 84 cookies, which in itself would take a while, I also did it in the school's toaster oven (which I brought home). My recipe was pretty basic, so finding the right ingredients wasn't a problem (and I brought baking powder with me). I also lucked out in that I was making small cookies I was able to fit 12 on the baking sheet. I made extra cookies assuming that I was going to need a test batch - which was a good idea. The first batch were pretty burnt on the bottom. I ended up turning down the temperature, but using the same amount of time, and by the 3rd batch they came out looking pretty much right.The exchange was hosted by our grade 2 teacher, who recently (like 3 weeks ago) had a baby, so the evening was just as much (if not more so) about the baby as it was about the cookies.  None of the doors in her building had numbers on them, but the smell of cookies and hot buttered rum gave her apartment away. She also has a real tree - it looked just like a Canadian home. I'm still wondering where they got a tree, let alone a large, full, nice one.
Haagen-Daas Restaurant

During the break I'm going to be a Dalian tourist -
 this is one of the places I want to go.  Everything on the menu looked good.  What I really want to try is the ice cream ball and fruit chocolate fondu.

Here are a few more China pictures for your amusement.
Diesel Display window

Best erasers.  Ever.

Legendary Tiny Nymphs - Notebooks come in a variety of sizes and have cartoons throughout.

You shouldn't play with your food - it makes them unhappy.

This sign actually makes sense - the name of the bakery is BreadTalk.
But still awesome.


  1. Kudos to you my dear for letting nothing stop you from baking!!! How did you think to bring baking powder with you from Canada?!

    Those pictures look so fun - I can't believe they have a Haagen Dasz restaurant - isn't Haagen Dasz Canadian? Or probably German...hmm. Have a fabulous holiday, Sara! You should get a little Charlie Brown-like Xmas tree :)

    xoxox Miss you!

  2. Luckily many a baker has come to China before me, so many websites and books mentioned the baking powder thing. A Charlie Brown tree would be good...if only I can find a real one.

  3. Sara,

    You have to get a tree somehow - or maybe just some branches and put on a few decorations... what do you get for time off during the season.
    Thinking of you and wishing you the best of the season!