Hopefully over the next two years I'll be sharing some amazing stories and photos, from what I know is going to be a life-changing experience.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

After the craziness of the first few days, it feels surreal to be sitting and waiting for something to happen (my visa paperwork to arrive from Dalian).  It is easy to talk about going, while simultaneously not really feeling like it's actually happening.  I have been doing things to get ready though...I've purchased the two largest suitcases I have ever seen (and got an amazing deal at Zellers...saved $315 off the regular price for the pair), started organizing and deciding what to take (books have been the hardest choices so far) and been in touch with my principal, who is from Coquitlam.  I now have a better sense of what my role is actually going to look like, although I'm still expecting to arrive and have to make something up for my first few lessons.  I am mildly concerned about the fact that there isn't housing on campus as expected (the school has moved locations for this year) and that the school's admin assistant will help me find a place when I arrive....I was definitely under the impression that they already had a place for me!  As was the local representative...so...time to send the principal another email of logistics questions!


  1. So exciting, Sara! I'm sure the housing will work out. Keep me posted!! :)

  2. Hai, how are you? i like back again to read your blog post

    See u

  3. Visa has been approved! Now waiting for it to arrive here (via FedEx) then I take it to the Chinese Consulate, and book my flight!